KidsPatch programs at the Festival NEW ERA, Belgrade

NEW ERA is an international festival of independent, alternative, underground comics, graphic novels, illustrated novels and illustration that was held in Belgrade from 8th till 12th June.

KidsPatch introduced three workshops for kids age 5-12 in the field of comic, illustration and paper mache with the guest artists of the Festival NEW ERA.

Workshops were held by Anna Ehrlemark and Emilie Röndahl (SE), Katie Woznicki (USA) with Bojana Petković (RS) and Studio Metaklinika (RS) from Belgrade.

In the other part of the event we presented selected animated movies from the international animation festival ANIMANIMA from Čačak (RS) as well as the concert performance by the puppet and music artist Filip Jevtić from Belgrade.


Support: Cultural Center REX

Dinner Party
This workshop presented fun and amusing way to play with fruits, vegetables, modeling clay and paper through making the dinner party installation.
Kids had opportunity, together with Metaklinika crew, to create different paper objects, and decorate them with hand made stickers.
Finger Puppets
Participants of this workshop discovered interesting and simple techniques for making 3D paper mache in form of toys and different characters.
Music Adventure
Filip has performed his music from different kids theater plays, together with the puppets he designed..
Animanima for Kids
KidsPatch was proud to present the selection of the short animated movies from the local international animation festival ANIMANIMA. Through collaboration with this festival from Čačak we discovered new and interesting video content.