Saša (BIH/CA/JP)

Sasa is the Sarajevo-born Canadian artist and designer who works mostly in Japan and Serbia. He explores multiple disciplines including textile design, illustration and graphic design.

His ongoing projects include t-shirt and apparel design, illustration and Paperal Warrior series of paper masks.

Lot of his work is derived from his childhood memories, his travels and observations of people and situations he finds himself in.

Saša lived in Canada where he graduated with a BA in Fine art from the Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgari. In Canada he explored a number of mediums and worked on a large number of commissioned projects. In 2004. he moved to Tokyo where he started his own design studio and worked on everything from brand identity, to apparel products. Tokyo offered great urban inspiration and gave him a tremendous inspiration.

He is author of various art workshops for kids and youth.

Through multiple creative activities children will explore their possible identities and designing characters which could present their more imaginative side.
Author of the masks and costumes for the collaborative workshop. The main goal of Sound Around is to establish a real-time interaction with the sounds and visual surroundings experienced on a daily routine, while using simple portable audio and photo equipment. SoundAround is a new KidsPatch production within the European network of festivals dedicated to children's creativity Bamboo, which aims to support the production, promotion and distribution of contemporary art practices for children.