Marija Knežević

Student of the Faculty of Media and Communication, Department of Digital Art and New Media. Beside photography, she is active in other fields of visual arts, as well in the domain of kids' education.

Sa svojim radovima učestvovala je na mnogobrojnim grupnim izložbama.

She tok part at many group exhibitions. As part oft the Kids Cutural Center Majdan, together with Mina Piščević, she leads the Creative Workshop for Kids which presents various artistiv techniques, readymade projects, recycling actions, doll, accessories and T-shirt creation, as well as other activities.

DIY fashion
As part of this October's KidsPatch program, we presented some of the artistic approached which can be used in working with textile. The kids created their first, specially designed fashion applications. Workshop is intended for kids from 6 to 12 years of age