Lukatoyboy (RS)

Lukatoyboy, a sound artist from Belgrade, is a regular contributor of the KidsPatch events worldwide.

His main sound/music activities include performing electro-acoustic improvised music (based on real-time sampling of various objects, toys, voices and field recordings) using feedback, different microphone inputs, electromagnetic coils, plus additional small surprises.

On the other side of the groove, he is producing nanotechno and free IDM on a Game Boy. He has performed and/or taught workshops at various relevant Serbian music festivals and specific events, but also in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo...

His workshops go from electronic music for kids, basic circuit bending to reactive music on the go.
In 2010 he has started the tape label Blind Tapes in order to release all the tapes recorded by participants in the Blind Tapes Quartets project.

Touching Sound & Music
Lukatoyboy is a regular workshop facilitator and member of the KidsPatch team. He collaborated with KidsPatch from the beginning in 2008. and continued thorough local and international events that were conducted since.
The main goal of Sound Around is to establish a real-time interaction with the sounds and visual surroundings experienced on a daily routine, while using simple portable audio and photo equipment. SoundAround is a new KidsPatch production within the European network of festivals dedicated to children's creativity Bamboo, which aims to support the production, promotion and distribution of contemporary art practices for children.